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Jianyang popular feed co., LTD

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Address:Chengdu industrial park jianyang jia family
Contact phone number:Yang Qingxu15282285768
The office028~27924528

The company recruit aquatic feed regional partners and sales elite

Contact phone number15983226756

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Based on the chengdu,Professional aquatic feed

Jianyang beautiful swan feed co., LTD. Is founded2003Years,, LTD is a professional enterprise of aquatic animal nutrition feed,The company is located in chengdu city industrial park jianyang jia family,After ten years of development of many popular fish feed to get the recognition and affirmation of farmers,Prosperous business strategy“Quality、Credit、Value”,The user benefits******化,Small profit scale development concept,For more users to provide quality of four fish,Bass is expected,The frog,Lobster,Loach material such as all kinds of aquatic feed。Help the fishery investors realize the dream,Enterprise future achievements。

The company recruit aquatic feed regional partners and sales elite,Contact phone number15983226756